Acquired a Microphone!

2014-11-16 17:20:11 by KJCaiman

I got myself a Blue Snowball Mic! Now that I have a higher quality microphone I'll be able to include my voice in my future animations! I've never exactly voice acted before, but that's no excuse... Anyways I was just giving a little update for anyone who may have cared. Thanks guys!

I'm working hard on my newest animation involving an action heavy battle! I originally was going to make something like a funny battle scene with the pokemon just being goofy, but it's been done so many times... Anyways I hope you look forward to it!

KJCaiman joining Newgrounds!

2014-04-28 16:45:19 by KJCaiman

Hey guys! It's KJCaiman, and I've got myself a Newgrounds account now so I can upload my animations here too! Thanks for stopping by!...If you are anyway.

But who knows

You might not

or maybe you will...

Alright I can't drag this out any further.